THE PEACH KINGS (Los Angeles, CA) are Texas-born Paige Wood and Silver Lake, Los Angeles native Steven Dies.

Stripped down, THE PEACH KINGS sound is a playful exchange of dynamic vocals and riff-heavy guitar. What they end up with is a mixture somewhere between Portishead and Led Zeppelin, The Kills and Nancy Sinatra, The Cramps and Roy Orbison. Comparisons and influences aside, THE PEACH KINGS arrive at a sound that is wholly their own; music that is modern, yet timeless.

The band's newest EP, Mojo Thunder, came out June 3rd, 2014.

Onstage, Dies is the spark to Wood’s vocal live wire, his no-nonsense grooves and catchy riffs setting the framework for their reverb-drenched songs. Wood’s smoldering tones can explode into flames with the twist of a syllable...
— Pasadena Weekly
...the title track off of their upcoming EP features Paige’s hypnotic alto while the raw guitar riffs create a vibe that would be easily found in a Tarantino movie.
Together they make an inspiring live act: fun, dynamic, engaging, rockin’ and personal. Every member of the audience felt like a close friend.

The Peach Kings’ brand of Americana noir gets headier with every EP, and if there isn’t a brand of liquor called “Mojo Thunder” yet, somebody better get distilling.